5 simple marketing automation strategies/tools for startups to acquire customers

5 simple marketing automation strategies/tools for startups to acquire customers - Startup Lagos

Marketing is the soul of business. As such, ensuring strategies of marketing automation are important.

Without marketing, the business and product appear forlorn and lost, without any sense of purpose. Marketing gives life and meaning to a particular business because it bridges the gaps in communication and adoption between the business product or service and the intended customers or market. This is crucial because every product or service is intended for a market, and only when a product-market fit is attained can that business disseminate value, as well as capture it in topline and bottom-line growth.

Marketing automation processes, therefore, make it easy for businesses to initiate these processes within the ambits of convenience. Whether through emails or customer relationship management or social media engagement, marketing automation help startups to have an edge over their competition and the harsh market forces.

While the marketing process is about taking customers through the funnel, the most important part of any encompassing marketing strategy entails lead generation. To avoid excesses in cash burn, and to even out the processes for optimizing operations, it becomes important for startups to utilize the best tools in generating leads.

1. Customer Relationship Management Tools

It is always important to properly manage customers. Utilizing a stakeholder matrix, one understands that customers represent the stakeholders who wield high power as well as have high interests. As such, startups require paying great attention to how to keep them satisfied and served within the customer journey. Tools like HubSpot, Zoho, Freshsales, Salesforce, Nimble, Pipedrive, NetHunt CRM, and Nutshell CRM are awesome for handling customer relationship management.

2. Google Ads Discovery Campaigns

Google Ads Discovery campaigns are awesome for startups looking to increase awareness of their brands, as well as acquire customers from the market. These tools offer digital display multi-platforms, and can be targeted specifically to different groups; they are also affordable. These targeted display campaigns utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to narrow down to customers willing to make purchases of your products and services.

3. LinkedIn Automations

LinkedIn is a beautiful platform for businesses operating B2B models, as they are keen on engaging other brands through the platform as well as building a mindshare of the market. There are creative ways therefore of utilizing LinkedIn automation to target specific customer personas that your product or service would appeal to. The platform is also useful for startups looking at leveraging partnerships to grow visibility and interest in your brand’s offerings. Expandi is one of the best LinkedIn automation tools to make use of as it is cloud-based and automates your LinkedIn interactions.

4. Social Media Automation

Social media is one unique way of marketing your startup and brand. Generally, marketing via media can take either paid, earned, or owned media forms. In paid media, your startup has to pay to advertise products or services to your target audience. On the other hand, owned and earned are free. While owned media has to do with the content you create and organically manage on your social media pages and website earned is content that other people or brands on social media create about you, growing your relevance. It is great to make use of platforms like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and Bambu to assist with growing your content on social media to get your products and services within view of your targeted and potential customers.

5. An Automated Email Marketing

Email marketing is a wonderful tool that can be used to keep customers abreast of what your company offers. Over 4.3 billion people use email, which represents more than half of the global population. What this implies is that the coverage that email has is quite remarkable. As such, brands should be more than keen on leveraging this tool in reaching wider audiences and marketing their products in highly creative ways. Generally, Mailchimp is a very useful tool for email marketing as it offers significantly cheaper prices as compared to other competitors in the market.

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