Eko Innovation Centre, GDM Group, and EXMAN launch Nigeria’s first-ever media and marketing hackathon: MarkHack 1.0

Eko Innovation Centre, GDM Group & Exman launches Nigeria's first-ever media and marketing hackathon: Markhack 1.0 - Startup Lagos

On Friday 8th of April 2022, Eko Innovation Centre in collaboration with GDM Group and EXMAN will be gathering innovators, entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, marketing and media practitioners, Industry thought leaders, policymakers, and marketing and media stakeholders at the Maiden edition of its Media and Marketing Hackathon tagged MarkHack 1.0.

Africa’s growing developer ecosystem

Africa’s tech ecosystem is evolving remarkably, especially with its increased attractiveness. Alongside increased internet penetration on the continent and the growing ubiquity of tech talent, Africa has huge potential for the future of work globally. As is held, Africa’s Internet economy is poised to reach 5.2% of gross domestic product (GDP) by 2025, contributing over $180 billion to the diverse economies of Africa. By 2050, this could even rise further to $712 million.

Furthermore, Google’s Africa Developer Ecosystem Report 2021 states that demand for African developers reached an all-time high in 2021, even amidst the devastating effects of the pandemic. Consequently, the demand for web development services had increased by over 22% among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs), with the necessity for remote development work increasing by over 38%. Nigeria has performed exceptionally well in this regard, drawing in twice the number of developers in South Africa or Kenya, with a total estimated 5,000 new professional developers added to the continental pool in 2021.

Amidst this remarkable growth, it is crucial to deploy these talents to tackle significant problems on the continent, particularly in Nigeria. As Andy Volk, Head of Startup and Developer Ecosystem, sub-Saharan Africa, at Google emphasizes, over 81% of VC investment went into the top four countries for developers on the African continent, with Nigeria at the top of the ladder. Without a doubt, as the developer ecosystem continues to grow and surge in Nigeria, it is important that this bulk and depth of talent is directed at proffering salient and timely solutions to the nation’s problems.

Africa's developer ecosystem is growing rapidly, with Nigeria leading the charge - Startup Lagos
Africa’s developer ecosystem is growing rapidly, with Nigeria leading the charge.

MarkHack 1.0: Redefining the future of marketing

Eko Innovation Centre, one of the country’s most influential and leading tech hubs, and GDM Group, Nigeria’s leading marketing and innovation company are hosting the maiden edition of Nigeria’s Marketing and Media Hackathon named MarkHack 1.0. Efficient marketing tactics are one of the mainstays of growth and scale for startups across the country.

MarkHack 1.0 brings together next-gen innovators, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and marketing professionals.
MarkHack 1.0 brings together next-gen innovators, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and marketing professionals.

The future of both media & marketing depends on the ability to meet increasing ROI demands and continually adapt to new marketing tools, media philosophies, and channels. However, the rate of change in the media & marketing industry is slow-paced even while the challenges seem to be multiplying and everyone is faced with the same obstacle to innovation. MarkHack 1.0, Nigeria’s first-ever media and marketing hackathon will bring together next-generation innovators, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and marketing professionals that will redefine, transform and champion the future of media and marketing in Nigeria.

MarkHack 1.0 will unveil innovative solutions to real-life Marketing challenges within an intense period of 3 weeks, leveraging creativity, technology, and mentoring, to produce prototypes, fresh new concepts, and innovative use of tech for Marketing and Media.

The MarkHack launch event will kick off on Friday, 8th April 2022 with over 400 registered participants split into teams of 5 members, tasked to develop concepts and prototypes on 8 key focus areas.

CONSUMER EXPERIENCE: How can we foster delivering direct immersive experiences to consumers using technologies such as Extended Reality, Blockchain technology?

MEDIA CONSUMPTION: How can we create effective novel media channels and optimize traditional media channels with tech?

CONSUMER RECRUITMENT & INTERACTION: How can we help brands recruit and build consumer loyalty fueled by consumer-generated interactions across traditional media and trade channels?

TRADE & RETAIL ENGAGEMENT: We believe there could be more innovative ways to amplify engagement in trade and retail channels and adequately measure impact with technology such as Extended Reality, Blockchain technology, AI, Machine Learning

ANALYTICS AND METRICS: How can we utilize tech to standardize metrics and adequately measure the impact of consumer & brand engagement activities across all media and marketing channels?

EVENTS MARKETING: From planning to execution, how can we make use of technology to optimize event processes, create and provide riveting engagement, and better user experience for attendees, virtual audiences, and planners alike?

MEDIA MONETIZATION: How can we utilize technological advancements such as involving hyperconnectivity, blockchain, or AI, to create opportunities for new and established media revenue models?

CONTENT CREATION: Who creates content? Companies, individuals, community? Who do we create content for? Answers to these questions have evolved with the advent of technology. How do we discover new approaches, methods, and tools to create and market content?

The teams with the most pioneering and disruptive ideas will be presented with incredible prizes at the Finale/Gala Night on Wednesday, 18th May. Winning teams will get to join an accelerator program with Eko Innovation Centre, with up to $50,000 equity investment and also share in a $20,000 prize pool. All participants of the MarkHack 1.0 will also be granted free access to Art of Technology 4.0, Lagos, the largest tech conference in Nigeria which brings together key stakeholders from the public and private sectors to discuss policies and initiatives that will pave the way for the evolution of a smarter, digital, efficient and competitive Lagos.

A rapidly growing initiative, GDM Group, and Eko Innovation Centre is convinced that MarkHack 1.0 will herald innovative solutions to media and marketing problems, making these solutions available, accessible and usable – for better policy and decision making to ensure the Nigerian Marketing and Media Industry is ready for the future.

For further information, please contact us via mail at or call +2348034069956.

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