Idowaz App: Making life easier for users

Idowaz App: Making life easier for users - Startup Lagos

The Super app story

The proliferation of ‘super apps’ globally indicates a gradual shift of technology solutions from narrow market verticals to addressing the more encompassing needs of its users. The necessity of super apps stems from user experience, as most users preferably would love to access different services while minimizing loss of space due to a lot of other apps. Users are interested in an app that is easy to use, functional and effective, and quickly solves most of their needs.

Super apps help to grow experiences that assist the user to enjoy seamlessly the services they need. This advantage of entering markets that the app’s competitors cannot is one reason why many apps are pivoting to the super-app model. For an app to be a super app, it has to offer most of the following services: 

  • Social network services, 
  • E-commerce services, 
  • Transportation and logistics services, 
  • Financial services, 
  • Food delivery services, 
  • Bills and utility payments, and/or 
  • Health and insurance services.

While super apps are yet a relatively new phenomenon in the global market, with very few apps characteristically so, the few that appear to take on that model, do not especially carry on multiple use cases. What we have instead are apps that cater to a number of related user needs, with the potential of broadening into more services. The Idowaz App from Idowaz technologies Limited is one such app, with the promise and potential of the ‘super app’ model.

Idowaz App: Convenience and comfort close to your fingertips

As a super app, Idowaz is not merely aggregating various services into one portal for its users, but rather, ensuring that its services are seamlessly addressing the unique and connected needs of its users. Imagine enjoying convenience and comfort in ordering food from the comfort of your home, sending or receiving packages to/from loved ones and friends, or ordering a ride when you wish to commute to connect with them. Through their technology platform, Idowaz ensures that your life is made a whole lot easier. 

The startup serves as a marketplace platform for mini mobility (taxi and e-scouter), food delivery, courier/grocery delivering, ridesharing, payment systems, hotel, and travel and homecare. The startup operates a fluid model, connecting these various services through its app. Users gain access to very affordable options with regards to its services, the benefit of proximity, and prompt customer service. 

Idowaz Apps offer the best of connected services to users at affordable prices and convenience. Source: Idowaz Apps on GooglePlay

There are three Idowaz apps that are connected as a whole: 

  • Idowaz User App, 
  • Idowaz Drivers App, and 
  • Idowaz Restaurants App. 

On the demand side, users have the opportunity to find and purchase groceries, and send them to their friends and family members, order food and get it delivered promptly, and also access rides. The ride-hailing app also enables users to ride-share and cut costs on commuting from one destination to another. 

On the supply side, the startup partners with drivers and restaurants who are interested in offering the best and most competitive pricing for users on the app. The bike drivers serve as delivery/courier agents for food, groceries, or packages, while car drivers for ride-hailing and taxi services. The company exerts a 10 percent commission on each ride by the drivers, who are paid twice weekly on the platform. Also, payments on the platform are made easy as one does not require a credit or debit card to effect transactions. This rate is relatively cheaper as other platforms charge 25 percent. 

For takeaway restaurants, the platform exerts a 10 percent commission on every order. While for its courier services, pricing is predominantly based on distance, weight, and type of delivery. These help to mitigate any extra costs of courier services, making it much more affordable for users. 

Idowaz’s competitive advantage

Idowaz’s unique selling points are affordability, proximity as its many branches afford broad coverage, ease, and frequency of payments for drivers, safety and security, and ease of setup for hotel apartment and room owners as well as for drivers. As a differentiator, Idowaz offers its services in multiple languages to accommodate the cultural versatility of its users, saves the cost of setting up and managing its business for consumers and restaurants, and then offers safety and security to the data of its users through SOS integration in the apps. 

In a market that is dominated by some large players in each of these verticals that Idowaz plays in, having a robust and seamless service offering across these related needs of users is a crucial factor. A user has the chance to save time and phone memory is having a multiplicity of apps when a single Idowaz app can solve these challenges at affordable and convenient alternatives. 

The company is committed to delivering strong and palpable customer value and developing a marketing infrastructure that will expand its customer base, to over 100 million – 1 billion daily users globally in the next 5-10 years. The target is to ensure that the needs of low to middle-class residents and companies located within and outside big cities are satisfied appropriately. 

Make the choice for convenience

As an integrated platform, Idowaz offers users a one-stop shop for the most pressing services from taxi to homecare. Users enjoy the time and convenience to plan their daily activities without confusion and stress. Choosing convenience, therefore, is not merely about deciding to use Idowaz apps, but even more about deciding to prioritize oneself and one’s daily needs.  

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