MDaaS Global announces the launch of its new health tech product, SentinelX, with over $2.3 million in funding

With massive opportunities opening up in the health tech space in Nigeria, MDaaS Global (Medical Devices as a Service) successfully completed a $2.3 million seed extension round of funding, to announce its new health tech product. This new success in funds acquisition sees the innovative health tech startup’s total funding rise to over $3.7 million. The startup made the announcement of their new product, SentinelX, on Wednesday, 30th of June, 2021, with plans to launch publicly in September, 2021. Before now, the health tech startup has been focused on setting up and operating a vast network of tech-enabled diagnostic centers across the country.

Image Credit: MDaaS, 2021.

Its new product, SentinelX offers huge opportunities for the expanding health sector, through the use of proprietary technology that offers a platform for a personalized care program where patients are charged a one-time access fee of N35,000 (~$70) and get the benefits of doctor-patient consultation, as well as ease of running medical tests at MDaaS’ many diagnostic centers. With the gradual influx of telemedicine into Africa, the health sector seems poised for change, especially with the growing numbers of mobile penetration across the continent. This new face of healthcare is particularly important for Africa, and Nigeria, especially with the utterly discouraging 1:3,500 doctor-to-patient ratios in Nigeria, and the fact that over 2,000 doctors from Nigeria leave the country annually.

MDaaS is looking to increasing its geographical spread with six new diagnostic centers, alongside its new health tech product. Its ultimate goal, as Oluwasoga Oni, Co-founder of the startup, shares with TechCrunch, is to solve the problem of non-consumption, by enabling people access to health checks easily. With its revolutionary product, MDaaS hopes to achieve this dream and increase access to healthcare across the country. In the wake of the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in sub-Saharan Africa, especially after the peak periods of the disease in the continent, many health experts are touting the need for telemedicine as an alternative route for healthcare provision. As such, a number of health tech startups have begun to gain momentum on the continent with innovative products that help to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare services.

Without doubt, these defining steps of MDaaS will have significant impacts on the general health sector in Nigeria, and soon, across Africa. It is important that attention is paid to the role that the startup and its solution, SentinelX, will be offering to changing the face of healthcare today and beyond.

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