Twitter Blue users can modify their tweets.

Twitter Blue users can modify their tweets.

Twitter Blue users can modify their tweets.

Twitter Blue subscribers at last get access to the long-awaited edit button.

For only $8 per month, Twitter Blue users have access to features like the edit button, fewer ads, and higher-quality video.
Some users who shelled out $8 for a verification badge implied in tweets that they were able to edit their posts. Within 30 minutes of posting, a tweet can be edited up to five times.

The tweet will also likely show the changes that have been made. It has been thought about for some time to include an Edit button. The microblogging service has already announced that, in certain regions, access will be restricted to Twitter Blue subscribers exclusively.
October saw its official rollout to Blue members throughout the globe. But now that there’s a new boss in town, things have changed, and anyone who can afford the $8 per month subscription fee may use this feature.

There were probably going to be some major shifts in the microblogging platform eventually. Some users have lost faith in the network and even deleted their accounts out of distrust. But the new head of the platform, Elon Musk, seems to have a lot of faith in his plans. The billionaire is prepared to try out some of these unclear ideas on his platform. Under Elon Musk’s leadership, significant alterations have been made to the criteria for receiving the blue tick and the official mark.

Now, anybody who pays Twitter $8 per month for the Blue Plan may access the verification blue tick. This choice is open to anybody, regardless of location or demographics; in fact, some users have been paying for this option while having only a small number of followers.

In addition to the verified badge, these users also sport a special badge that Twitter has given them. This greyed-out “official” emblem is not given to just anybody, so it serves as proof that these high-profile accounts are legitimate.

Some people are skeptical of this new approach and wonder why Elon Musk would want to further divide people by issuing a new badge if he wanted to provide a platform where power is for the people. This novel method, however, shows promise as a means of differentiating impostors.

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