Wellness Medical Distribution announces the launch of Pharmacentre, its online integrative marketplace for pharmaceutical products

Wellness Medical Distribution announces launch of Pharmacentre, its online marketplace for medical products - Startup Lagos

Wellness Medical Distribution is set to launch its online integrative marketplace for pharmaceutical products, to enable ease of access to quality medicines and medical supplies in Nigeria, on the 20th of April, 2022.

Over 253,000 deaths happen yearly in Nigeria, due to insufficient access to quality healthcare. While a good number of these casualties come from inadequate health systems, others stem from little or no access to medicines. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, however, major disruptions have visited pharmacy markets globally, through the power of technology and online commerce, in a bid to facilitate easier and safer access to drugs, for all.

As such, getting medicines online affords consumers the benefit of quick, easy, convenient, and private access to medical needs, with the click of a mouse.

As part of its dedicated efforts to improve access to quality healthcare in the country, Wellness Medical Distribution announces the launch of its online integrative marketplace for pharmaceutical products. The event is set to hold on Wednesday, 20th April 2022

Pharmacentre is a platform that helps licensed vendors to sell quality medical products to businesses and individuals across Nigeria - Startup Lagos

Pharmacentre is an online platform that enables licensed medical professionals to sell quality medical products to businesses and consumers alike. As an integrative marketplace, Pharmacenter integrates consumer-facing (business to consumer selling) and provider-facing (business to business selling) models. 

Through its interactive and easy-to-use platform, Pharmacentre will leverage the huge stock of pharmaceutical products from different licensed pharma merchants to supply to online consumers/businesses via e-orders, as well as serve as a link between consumers and existing physical pharmacies.  Pharmacentre stands to be the one-stop shop for quality and accessible medical supplies.

Speaking on the launch, Mrs. Adetutu Afolabi, the Group MD/CEO of Wellness Medical Distribution, pointed out:

“Today’s world is filled with uncertainty, broken infrastructure, and numerous supply chain challenges. As affordability and accessibility to pharmaceutical supplies when needed, in Nigeria, has become a strong pain point, having a value-driven platform like Pharmacentre that enhances collaboration amongst pharmacists and other healthcare providers will improve the well-being of our people.” 

“Nobody should be left stranded because they do not have a pharmacist in their network.”

To know more about the Pharmacentre platform, visit pharmacentre africa

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